Vegetable Selections

One of the most exciting and critical parts of gardening is choosing the vegetables you want to grow. Site location and geographical region should be considered before deciding just what to plant. But plant size is equally important. Some plants just grow bigger than others. You might want to read Making Gardening More Economical.

Small Garden Vegetables
Beets Green beans
Broccoli Lettuce
Bush squash Onions
Cabbage Parsley
Carrots Peppers
Eggplant Radishes
English Peas Spinach
Garlic Tomatoes
Large Garden Vegetables
Cantaloupes Potatoes
Cauliflower Southern peas
Collards Pumpkins
Cucumbers Sweet corn
Mustards Sweet potatoes
Okra Watermelon

Certain vegetables are adapted to different climates and some require more sunlight than others. It is imperative to choose the vegetables which are suited for your zone. See vegetable varieties recommended for Texas. As you continue to grow vegetables, keep records of the varieties used and how well they did or didn't do. Planting dates, pest control, and the harvest date should all be detailed in the records.

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