Common Name Scientific Name Exposure
Baby Sun/ Sunray Moonbeam/Zagreb Coreopsis grandiflora Sun
Daylily Hemerocallis spp. Sun or Semi-Shade
Goldstrum Rudbeckia Rudbeckia X Goldstrum Sun
Perennial Hibiscus Hibiscus X mosheutos Sun
(Rose Mallow, Mallow Rose, Swamp Mallow). Grown primarily for its large flowers (six to 12 inches wide), the plant forms a large (three to eight foot) shrub. White, pink and red hibiscus are available. The plant is actually a herbaceous perennial and will overwinter. Do not confuse this Hibiscus with H. syriacus (Althea), a woody deciduous shrub common in the landscape or with H. rosa-sinensis(Chinese Hibiscus), a tropical hibiscus which is not hardy. The Moy Grande, Flare and Lord Baltimore are highly recommended for full sun locations, wet or dry.
Purple Coneflower Echinacea angustifolia Sun
Garden Canna Canna X Generalis Sun or Shade
Turk's Cap Malvaviscus drummondii Sun or Shade
'Texas Gold' Columbine Aquilegia hinckleyana Shade
Firebush Hamelia patens Sun
Perennial Verbena Verbena X hybrida Sun