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Compost and Mulch
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compost Better stewards help create and maintain a better environment. Creating compost mimics nature’s way of recycling all living things (organic materials). It is practical and cost efficient. It also helps grow healthier plants, decreases our landfills, conserves water and increases the quality of topsoil.

Compost is a way to manage organic materials in the home. Grass clippings, leaves, prunings, bark, fruits, vegetables, straw, houseplants, woodchips, sawdust and chopped brush can be used to create good compost. Cow, horse, pig, chicken or rabbit manure can be used too. Even common kitchen scraps like stale bread, egg shells, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, citrus rinds and fruit and vegetable peels are beneficial.

Successful composting involves looking at organic waste in a whole new light. It’s a rhythm. It’s environmental consciousness. Every time you peal a potato or mow the grass, you have to make a concerted decision to compost rather than throw away until it becomes a way of life. Malcom Beck, author of The Secret Life of Compost, says, “Composting is an art, and just like any other art, it can only be perfected by doing it and getting the feel of it.”